Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School Eve

It seems like the day before school starts should have a special name, so we can celebrate it (or mourn, depending on your point of view).

We have Christmas Eve, Halloween and New Year's Eve (which have become the party), why not School Eve? And even though it falls on a different date, depending on your school district, there could be appropriate recognition and parties.

And then the next day, the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, all the stay-at-home moms go out for coffee together. I would say a drink, but 9am is a little early for that. Even though it's 5 o'clock somewhere.

I'm debating the pros and cons of taking the kids out to dinner (last night of summer!) vs. eating at home (quiet evening!) I'm realizing I have probably 3 forms per child that still haven't been filled out and need to go in backpacks tomorrow. I'm realizing we need to load up backpacks tonight, and find healthy snacks since the first day is a half day. And we need to lay out clothes for everyone and set alarms and....

THIS is why the moms (and dads!) go for coffee. I don't know what working moms do, hopefully they can have a cuppa and a moment. But as rocky as the first day or two may be, I'm looking forward to a more stable routine.

Yeah, I know. Ask me in a couple of months how I feel about school. But at the moment, THIS is the real New Year's Eve. Any kid could tell you that.

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