Sunday, September 21, 2008

Playin' Hooky

I didn't go to the gym on Friday. I didn't work on any of my various projects-in-process. I even abandoned my sick child (ok, it was the 13-yr old and he just had a cold).

I went SHOPPING. And shopping for scrapbook/crafting materials, even, which I need more of like a hole in the head.

Ranger Industries, a leading manufacturer of scrapbooking inks and accessories, was having a warehouse sale. 3 of my friends and I carpooled, and met 2 more friends there. We had no IDEA what to expect, whether there would be anything worth buying, or whether the prices would be worthwhile. But, hello, it's a warehouse sale. You assume a certain level of ... cheapness.
You would be right. This entire display of stuff, including those white sheets in the background (Cut n' Dry foam, usually $5+/sheet) and the grey stamp scrubbers in the front (there are two), cost me $28. Yes, really. All those lovely glitter glues in front, fabric paint, embossing powder, ink pads and more cost a total of $28.
Because, get this... it was by weight. At $4/lb., you can buy a WHOLE lot of crafting materials. So cool.