Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just Shoot Me Now

I have been having the head-exploding too-many-activities why-did-I-say-I'd-do-that week. It's not that I can't get all this stuff done, it's more that I've gotten used to being, shall we say, a little lazier over the summer. But somehow I've managed to get involved with several activities that have coincided over the past week.

Consignment sale - this is why we haven't done a fall sale in 5+ years. All of the start up/prep work happens RIGHT at the start of school. What was I thinking?

Library Volunteer Co-chair - I knew this was going to be most intense at the beginning of the year, so this one I was mostly ready for. But it still has to get done.

Scholastic Book Mom - someone pegged me for this at the meet-the-teacher the day before school, so I can claim this one is just out of the goodness of my heart. But of course the first order had to go out last week and is going in this week, right on top of everything else.

Rubber stamping group - I invited everyone over for a BYOP (bring your own project), knowing that my house was a complete disaster and really needing a kick in the pants to get it cleaned up. It worked, but I am EXHAUSTED.

Chauffeur - soccer has started, dance has started, I should write down the mileage on my car and see how many miles I log this fall. And we're still waiting for Roller Hockey.

Back to school nights - two down, one to go. And they've all been in conflict with some other activity, of course.

And the icing on the cake was my poor husband has been traveling, almost non-stop, since last Wednesday. He did a trade show in Europe, which is always too much work and not enough sleep, came home, and turned right back around and left the next day for Canada. Oy.

Some time ago, somebody asked me what superpower I would choose, if I was able to choose one. I used to say super stretch, like Helen in The Incredibles. Now I've decided I need the ability to be in two places in the same time. And they both need driver's licenses.


ooolia said...

that's okay. you'll make it, but I'll commiserate. I'm just realizing that I've been slacking enough between my cold and recovering from the weekend that I'm going to be slammed for the next couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

And amidst it all, you picked me up at the airport.. What a sweetie!

Lisa C said...

I have a bad habit of over committing as well. I like the idea of that super power. I managed to commit to being vice chair of the quilt guild this year (which means chair of the guild the year after)because I thought they could move the officer meetings so it wouldn't conflict with another meeting I have. Of course, that isn't happening so now I need to be in two places at the same time every Tue. for two years.

If you find that super power, please add my name to the list!