Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why I like blogging

Yesterday, as I was in the shower after GOING TO THE GYM, I realized what it is I like about blogging. I was having an internal dialogue with myself about how much I am enjoying the cats, since George had followed me into the bathroom and was chasing his tail again, and I realized that I was composing a blog entry in my head. And that I always have. I have always had these conversations with myself - replaying events that have already happened, editing conversations that may happen in the future, telling stories that I may or may not actually tell to a person. It seems to be part of the "living in my head" that makes me obsess/worry over events and experiences. Like, say, John's near-drowning experience. I still am occasionally re-living it, although less as time passes. It definitely still makes me sick to my stomach. But the good thing is, it's starting to feel a little like picking at a scab to re-tell the story, and now it's easier to focus on the good ending rather than the bad beginning.

So blogging fits right in with that obsessive replaying that I've always done. Perhaps once I get stuff out in the blog, I can stop replaying it in my head? Maybe?


Jill in MA said...

I actually understand what you're talking about! I do this, too! Except, when I sit down to write, the words don't come the same way they do when I'm in the shower. (Maybe I need to keep my laptop in the bathroom. Ha!)

Susan Z said...

That is what I like about blogging too! In fact I knew I was hooked when I started thinking in blog entries.