Saturday, July 5, 2008

Chicks in the Nest

All my babes are safe at home. We picked up Rachel and JC from camp today. A little stinky, but not too bad. A couple of loads of laundry, which of course they had stuffed their towels into so it's wet laundry. But John's on top of it, so it's already in the washer.

They had a good time. Rachel said it was hard at bedtime, and it didn't sound like she really bonded with her cabinmates at all. They were all girly girls, and apparently were loud and talked all the time. 10 yr. old girls - gee, ya think? But she hung with the boys and played running around games and canoed and had fun. Yes, she wants to go back next year, and she was giving William the hard sell when we were picking her up.

JC had fun as well, although it's always harder to get a story out of him. Sounds like he fished a lot, canoed, and.... well, maybe we'll find out more over the next few days.

It was very quiet with them gone. William watched a lot of tv, and we did a couple of day trips (Kutztown Pennsylvania Festival on the 4th). Now the dishwasher fills up much faster, there's some squabbling over tv/video/etc. But it's nice to have everyone home.

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