Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Letters! I got letters!

I got letters from camp! Of course, it is camp policy that they must write a letter on Sunday if they want to eat that night. But I got letters!

JC says:
"Dear Mom,
Camp has been good so far. It is very much the same, a few changes but nothing drastic. It is unusually hot, humid and icky. In general, although, there has been a happy lack of blood-sucking insects. This has been disproving the camp song (on back). And if you could, sending a small battery powered fan would be nice. Very small so it can go on my bed area.
Love, JC"

Rachel says:
"I'm having a great time at camp. How's things at home? Last night we had carrot cake for dessert, and after lunch today, we had ice cream! Today we had a swim test, so tomorrow we'll go canoeing! Today's crew job was "dishwasher". It's a bit hard to sleep, but it's fun at camp. My cabin mates are very loud AND like to talk all the time.
Right now it's rest time, where you can sleep, draw, or write, and a thunderstorm has started. Bye!
Love, Rachel"

As a mom, you know they're going to have fun, but it's nice to have confirmation.


Jill in MA said...

So what are the words to the camp song?

Jill in MA said...

Thanks for the words to the camp song -- it's awesome!