Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Pitter Patter of Little Feet

No, I'm not pregnant, so just get that thought right out of your head. The little feet to which I refer are the cat feet which we so recently adopted. I am enjoying them greatly EXCEPT when I sit down at the computer.

As I predicted, the cats are (mostly) mine. They are good about sharing their affections, but I seem to be the one they come and find. Perhaps its because I feed them? Ya think? But Sheba in particular seems to need a lot of lovin' from Mom. Whenever I sit down, but particularly at the computer, she's in my lap, she's in my face, she's needing attention.

Part of me is thrilled, of course, because she's a darling little kitty and she wants to snuggle me! But of course, the rest of me is mildly annoyed because I sat down to DO something of course, and she's in the way! Good thing we didn't get a dog - I don't think I could deal with that level of need any more.

(Oh, and yes, the cats are almost identical. Side by side, Sheba is noticeably lighter than George, and her ears are brown. But apart, if the light isn't good, we're always trying to figure out which is which.)

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