Monday, March 17, 2008

Perspectives, Updated

Rachel came home feeling sick, too. John picked her up, as I had my head in the MRI, but was suspecting Ferris Bueller syndrome. Regardless, I had both big kids home all day - which meant they played video games and watched TV, and I played some games with them.

As sick days go, I'd rather have a "suspected" sick day than an actual nasty mess that I have to clean up after. And I think both will be back to school tomorrow. Rachel seems to need the occasional mental health day, and as it seems to only happen once or twice a school year, I'm ok with that. None of my kids seem to get sick a lot, although we have our moments.

And I got all the dead food out of the fridge, and even got 4 out of 6 fridge shelves cleaned. And we have fresh food, as I stopped at the store on my way back from the MRI. And the dishwasher has run, although I still have to empty it.

The MRI was ok. It's very loud, even with earplugs. And it's very small inside, even with a mirror to see your toes with. I kept my eyes mostly closed and tried not to think about it too much. It clicks and whirrs fairly rythmically, so I counted - 6 clicks, 6 whirs, 6 clicks, etc. Enough focus to keep me calm. And it only took about 20 minutes. Not so bad.

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