Sunday, November 4, 2012

Still Powerless

Not sure what to say anymore. Yes, still sitting in the dark. Yes, still cobbling together a little power to for hot water and heat. John tried to fire up the upstairs furnace in the hopes of warming the bedrooms some, but we don't have quite enough juice.

The good news is that John was able to fill up his car without much trouble today, so hopefully the gas crisis is easing with Gov. Christie's rationing. And a few more roads are clear, and a few more people have power.

But not us.


Shona Erlenborn said...

It will come soon Ann. David was hearing maybe today? But then we originally thought yesterday! Fingers crossed. It's the cold that is the biggest problem. Hang in there!

hokgardner said...

My aunt and uncle live up near you. They were told it could be the end of the month before they have electricity. Yikes.

My uncle called my other uncle, who lives in Albany, and had him search for generators there. Every store, even that far away, is sold out.

Stay warm.