Friday, November 2, 2012

Still in the Dark

No power here, of course, but it was an ok day. We spent most of it at a friend's house doing laundry. The kids played video games and surfed the web and are a little happier tonight.

We've seen a few signs of progress. There are new poles at the major street about a mile from us. Gas rationing goes into effect tomorrow (based on license plate, odd fill on odd numbered days, etc ) which will hopefully reduce the insane lines (and fights). We have not had to fill up yet and are waiting in the hopes things calm down.

We still have major trees down and getting I. And out of our neighborhood is a challenge. Which streets are open? Which was and is now blocked because they're working? I'll take it as a sign of progress.

But the weather is predicted to get colder and a nor'easter may hit middle of next week. Praying the f

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