Monday, November 5, 2012

Put On Your Own Mask First

We are still without power after a full week. I referred to it as an anniversary, but the kids were not amused. The power company said "Wednesday?" when I called for a status update, so I don't know if she was trying to be hopeful or truthful.

We have reached the stage of tedium. It is really completely boring to be without power this long. It's not like there's much we can personally do to change the situation. John has power cords running all the house to make various things possible - I was able to do some computer work that  needed to get done and he even watched the Giants on the big tv (we still have an antenna in the attic). But he brought down the whole system trying to fire up the upstairs furnace, so that was the limit. It has kept him busy, and that's been a good thing.

Honestly, that's been the lesson. John and I have to be careful to keep ourselves on an even keel. Don't forget to eat, drink enough water, get enough sleep, etc.; because if you get stressed, the kids react, and everyone starts to fall apart.

Put your own mask on before you try to help others.


Lisa C said...

I find that true even when we have power. If I don't feel relatively stable due to stress, then everyone else reacts poorly too, specially the kids.

Hope you get power soon. I know my John would be really really bored after not having electricity and power for that long!

Jocelyn said...

Doesn't it make you really think about all of human life before the last 90 years, too? Whenever we've been without power, I look back on human history with a new kind of awe.