Sunday, August 7, 2011

Best Laid Plans

We made it through the concert.  I won't say that we were perfect (far from it!) but for a week's practice, I thought we did pretty darn well.  There is a recording, and the director promised to make CD's for anyone who wants one - if that ever happens, maybe I'll put a bit on the blog.

So with all the expected craziness, it even got a little worse.  Saturday morning, the kids are all packed for camp, I woke everybody up on time, we're getting ready to go...and Rachel threw up.  Several times. what?

We ended up putting her in the car (with bucket) along with everything and everyone else, and driving down to camp.  We had to drop off William, after all, and after talking to the director, we brought Rachel back home with a plan to bring her down when she felt better.  We even made up her bunk and left all her stuff.  I had hoped she would feel better today, and she almost did - and then she threw up again.  But she seemed to feel much better after that, and the plan is to take her down tomorrow.

Of course, John is flying out for business tomorrow morning, and JC has an SAT prep class at 9am, and I did have plans to go print - but I'm driving 1.5 hours (each way) tomorrow and getting back before JC's class ends at 4pm.  Just when you think you have a plan, you have to come up with a new one.

We'll see if this one works.


hokgardner said...

Oof. Poor girl. I hope she gets to go tomorrow.

Lisa C said...

Nothing like a wrench in the works! Hope she's doing better, that's the pits. And I hope you get some downtime to relax after the crazy week.

Ann in NJ said...

We ended up taking her down Monday early evening, after JC's class. I don't think it was exactly how JC intended to spend his evening, but he clearly enjoys seeing the people he knows at camp. And I wanted the company for driving home after a rather stressful day.

So now I have only one child home, and he's currently taking an SAT prep course from 9am-4pm. Ahhhhh...