Monday, December 20, 2010

I Suppose

I suppose I should change my blog header to something more seasonal.  Marching band is OVER.

I suppose I should finish start wrapping presents.

I suppose I should pack up (and mail) the boxes for my mother and sister and sister-in-law if they have any hope of arriving by Christmas.

I suppose I should clean up my kitchen so I have room to bake the next batch of cookies (sugar cookies for William's class by Wednesday - soy, dairy and peanut free.  I think I'm going for 2 out of 3).

I suppose I should dig out my dining room, currently filled with wrapping paper scraps and shipping supplies, in the vain hope that we could have a nice dinner at the table.  Or at least it won't look terrible if anyone comes over.

I suppose at the very least I should run out and get the last few presents on the list.  Any ideas for husbands?  Any at all?

But there's a heating vent under my desk, and the heat is on and it's wonderfully warm and cozy after the bus stop (22F and a bit of a wind), so I'm not feeling very motivated.

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Jill in MA said...

Husbands are so darn difficult to buy for! Mine picked out his own present this year, tracked it down and ordered it. I just have to wrap it! :-) (It's a Nikon camera -- he decided that our two little point-and-shoots just weren't cutting it....)