Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mixed Blessings

Well, the old dishwasher motor works, so the dishwasher works.  Yay!

But it's really REALLY loud (think small jet aircraft) in an open-plan kitchen.  Boo!

But I'm not washing dishes by hand.  Yay!

I have no faith that this will last longer than a few months.  Boo!

But I'd rather shop for a dishwasher in a few months than right before Christmas.  Yay!

But the microwave is getting flaky, too (it sometimes turns on the light and fan when you close the door).  Boo!

I've decided my appliances hate me.  But that's ok because I'm not too fond of them at the moment.  And I have a lingering feeling of "what's next?"

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