Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hurrah! Hurrah!

They won!  The marching band won their division and the overall competition!  Another State Championship!!  (I'm just a little proud of them.)

Actually, I'm a LOT proud of them.  They spent yesterday, from 6:15am until 2 am traveling to and competing at another band event out of state.  (Where they also did very well.)  And one bunch of kids did not make it home until 6:15 this morning because their bus broke down (thankfully not my son).  That's 24 full hours of marching band for those poor kids.  Who got maybe 5 hours of sleep and then went back to rehearsal and then competition.

The parents in the stands decided that the band director must have given them Red Bull.  It's the only rational explanation.

Hurrah for them!

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