Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10-10-10 on 10-10-10, part 2

Ok, if I do this right, I publish this first so part 1 is at the top of the page.  Yes, I know, it's taken me years to get so sneaky.  Onward to the cards!

Grace went for Halloween, a holiday I rarely make cards for, but I always love the Halloween stamps.  She had us stamp wonderful spooky clouds in the upper right corner that totally don't show up in the scan.  Try to imagine all that stark white with shades of grey.  Totally Halloween.

Shona's card also didn't scan well.  The central tree image is done as a resist, then cut into the 4 pieces and popped up on foam tape.  Great in person, not so great on a scanner.  The sentiment is actually stamped behind the rust layer, with a window punched and torn out to show it.  Very fun.

If there's anyone who thinks outside the shoebox, it's Cathie.  She couldn't come, but sent this charming bookmark - we all said, "hey, I never thought of doing something besides a card!"  It's slightly out of focus because of the button.  But aren't the fibers great?!

I think Janet got the award for the most oohs and aahs.  The trees, grass, hills and leaves are all stamped seperately (not each individual leaf, it was a grouping and a rainbow pad).  This card works for any occasion, including the bane of our existence - men's birthdays.

Sue came up with this one.  She said she had to dust off her stamp pads, she hadn't used them in so long, but the card is great.  More mulberry paper, behind the map image.

Last, but certainly not least, Linda also thought outside the box.  This is a black and white version of a picture she took.  We colorized it with distressing ink for a very very cool effect.

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