Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We have a large oak tree in our front yard.  It provides wonderful shade in the summer that makes a noticeable difference in the temperature inside the house, and I think it looks nice, too.


Autumn brings a challenge.  Autumn brings...acorns.  Lots of acorns.  Lots and LOTS of acorns (it's really quite amazing how many).  So many acorns that the yard and driveway under the tree go "crunch" with every step.  And if you are standing under the tree?

Watch out.

We have all been clonked by acorns, and my day is punctuated by the "thwack" of acorns hitting the car in the driveway (or the trailer, at the moment).  This year has been particularly dangerous, and there are times it almost sounds like rain, there are so many falling (a hard rain, get it?).

It doesn't quite reach the level of aggression of the Whomping Willow from Harry Potter, but it does sometimes feel as though the tree is deliberately pelting us.  It's a good thing it doesn't have better aim, but it's best not to linger underneath.

Or wear a helmet.


hokgardner said...

Our old house had three huge pecan trees that produced bumper crops every other year. It was dangerous to stand in the yard, because you'd get hit when they fell.

And the squirrels would drive the dog insane by dropping them on her deliberately.

Susan Z said...

At our house it is hickory nuts. Since we live at the top of a rather steep hill my kids love to stand and bounce the nuts down the street. Doug will have races and cheer on the nuts....