Saturday, August 22, 2009

What if I held a Consignment Sale and Nobody Came?

It's registration for my church's Fall Consignment Sale today. The phone has not rung once. I have received two email registrations (and 3 yesterday, we opened email early).

Sigh. I knew this might happen. It's summer, it's high season for vacations, and it's a Saturday. A rainy one here, which I thought might help, but still Saturday.

There's still 6 weeks until the sale, and I have some ideas to drum up consignors. Worst case scenario, we cancel the sale. Actually, worst case is to get something like 2/3 our desired number of consignors and have to make a decision. We haven't spent (much) money yet, about $100 on stamps for postcards.

However, the church is raising $10,000 for repaving the parking lot, and a consignment sale would help a lot towards that.

Hello? Hello? Is anyone out there?

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Jill in MA said...

I think you're right, it is a big week for vacations, so don't stress out about it yet. I'm sure everything will go fine. I think you may find that as Labor Day approaches and people are starting to organize their lives for the school year and schedules, they may start thinking about getting rid of some of their stuff...!