Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Spring is here, tra la, Spring is here,..."

"Life is skittles and life is beer."
(extra credit for naming the song).

The forsythia are blooming. That means it REALLY is Spring now. Even crocus and snowdrops will come up in the snow, but if the forsythia have started, well, it's really getting there. 'Bout time!
My lovely sister has had her beautiful baby boy. Yay! There is much happiness and cooing over pictures in my house - my children adore babies. Even the teenage boy (especially the teenage boy?). And I finally managed to send them the knitted gift for the baby, which arrived the day after the baby did, so, perfect!

I made him Sheldon. Turns out the baby is a "him", which we didn't know ahead of time, so it worked out well (figured Sheldon would be good for a girl, as well. We try not to be stereotypical.) He was a fun knit (Sheldon, not the baby) and really went very quickly. I had finished one sock first, so had a little experience with the double pointed needles, but he was pretty straightforward. There's lots of increases and decreases, but they were all on so really quite fun!
So now I'm all excited to try baby booties, but I haven't cast on or even chosen a pattern yet. It's the perfect start to spring!
However, spring also means soccer practice, so I need to go get dinner moving so we can celebrate THAT particular Spring ritual.


Susan Z said...

I know the song...but of course I grew up in the same family so I don't know if that disqualifies me.

Anonymous said...

Everything is blooming outside my window also, but then, we live in the same state ;-). The little crocus plants are extra hearty. Good, because I have not been helping them out.
He was a fun knit(Sheldon, not the baby) Ha Ha Ha.~Mary

hokgardner said...

Sheldon is adorable, and the perfect new baby gift. Congratulations on the new member of the family.

Jill in MA said...

Oh congratulations to your sister and your whole family. I love Sheldon! Very, very cute!
We don't quite have the forsythias yet, just the budding so far, but I also use the forsythias to measure when spring has finally arrived!

Lisa C said...

We love Sheldon by the day. I've been using him to help "prop" up Matt while nursing as he's the perfect height, and we've been using Sheldon to play with Matt close up when he's awake. It's been fun! He's adorable and really cool.

And a little Tom Lehr never hurt anyone. grin Mom's been enjoying all the blooming flowers etc. here since we're warmer then she is. Of course John's allergies are bad the last few days, so Spring isn't for everyone!

knittergran said...

Sheldon is adorable!!!