Friday, April 5, 2013

Begin Again

What can I say?  I haven't posted for a couple of months.  Life hasn't been any busier than usual, but I guess my motivation was lacking (in many areas, not just blogging).

I did go on a bit of adventure earlier this week, albeit a bittersweet one.  One of my favorite yarn stores is closing in May.  I didn't go there often because it's about 45 minutes away, but it was lovely and helpful and all the things you would want from a local yarn store.  So a friend and I trekked down on Tuesday, stopping for lunch at a charming deli/luncheonette along the way.  (They were so delicious I bought chicken pot pies for dinner, which JC and I devoured.  He wanted the rest of mine, I refused, and then regretted because eating it all was a bit too much.  But so yummy!) The yarn was rather picked over, but I found a few things that were lovely, of course.

And then this morning, I got a notice on Facebook that my other local yarn store is closing in May.  What???!! This one is much much closer, not quite as large but equally nice.  In fact, I just had a wonderful experience there about a month ago, buying yarn for a chemo hat for a friend of my mother's. The saleslady could not have been more helpful.

So now I am left with no LYS within 45 minutes of here. I know, many knitters survive on the internet alone. But sometimes it's nice to touch things.

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hokgardner said...

Such a shame about the stores. I pretty much never buy yarn online. I like to pet the skeins before I bring them home.