Thursday, January 17, 2013

Small Things

1. Last Friday, I took Rachel to school. We left as the sky was just starting to brighten with the sunrise, and it was bright red. Candy apple red streaks, and really striking.  It wasn't until later in the day, when it had started to rain/sleet, that I remembered "red sky in morning, sailors take warning." I guess it's true.

2. I have studio time on the printing press today and tomorrow. The studio is sponsoring a print exchange - if I can get 25 prints done by the deadline, I'll receive 20 different ones in return. I have a somewhat ambitious plan, wish me luck! I'm hoping to remember to take pictures of the process.

3. I spent a very enjoyable morning last Thursday helping a friend learn to knit.  She is a long-time crocheter, and had a good grasp of knitting except for the casting on. I cast on a scarf for Rachel (Wingspan, on Ravelry), and am close to finishing the third triangle, which makes me excited since I might finish it before winter is over.  Maybe.

4. The scarf is to match her new winter coat.  It's purple and blue plaid. Do you know how many purples are in my stash, none of which were a good match for the coat? We settled for a variegated blue.

5. I have rediscovered my father's treasure trove of Terry Pratchett books. Terry Pratchett is a British fantasy author with a wicked sense of humor, best known for the Discworld series. I'd read a number if them, Rachel and JC have read almost all of them, but I picked up one of the books a couple of weeks ago, and now I can't put them down. I think I've been through 4 in the past week and a half or so.

6. Pinterest is to the Internet what crack is to cocaine. I might need an intervention.

7. I can't decide if I'm amused or annoyed - my computer has a touch screen (which I never use). Sheba the cat has decided that if I'm on my computer, that's the perfect time to get very affectionate with me and anything in the vicinity.  She rubs up against the monitor, and invariably her tail touches the screen and selects something random.

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Lisa C said...

No kidding on Pinterest. Not that I have a problem or anything. Grin. I also love the Discworld series. I've read pretty much all of them. Might have missed one or two newer ones, but I don't think so. I keep wanting John to try them!