Thursday, October 25, 2012

Unfortunate Trends

Dear Knitting World-
What is it with all these cardigan patterns that button at the top and are open below?
There are many more. All of these sweaters are lovely on the models, and some of them look really fun to knit, but... none of them would be flattering on me.  I have a stomach, it's bigger than I'd like it to be, and the last thing I need is some lovely lace contrasting with my shirt and drawing attention to it. Or a sweater that looks like I knitted it a size too small on purpose.

I'd love to see a trend of v-neck cardigans that button at the waist (or just above), and have clever ribbing or something that makes it look like I have a waist!  Yeah, that's it! I could get excited about that!

If you could arrange that, I'd be most grateful.  Thanks, Knitting World!


hokgardner said...

I have not get gotten brave enough to do a sweater for myself. It just seems like SO much knitting.

I've cast on three pairs of socks in the past two weeks. I had to seal the first two in plastic bags because the yarn made me break out in hives. Apparently I can't knit with alpaca OR mohair. Third time was a charm though - some lovely unisono that doesn't make me itch.

My mom and her coven are at the Southeastern Animal and Fiber Festival in Asheville this weekend. She swears she isn't buying any yarn.

Jocelyn said...

See, now, I like to think this style of cardigan is made to accommodate my Tragic Waist. However, I take your point.

Can you knit a cardigan of Spanx yarn?