Thursday, October 11, 2012

Perils of Suburban Living

I walked out to get the paper this morning, and there were three deer in the front yard - a doe and two fawns.  When I came out the door, one of the fawns panicked and started to run towards the back yard, but then realized that brought her closer to me (sort of). She totally lost it, and ran one way, then circled around, then back towards Mom, and was doing these crazy loops around the yard.  Her twin ran across the street, then stopped, and came back, and clearly didn't know which way to go.

Mama Deer? She stood there, watching me carefully as I walked up the driveway, got the paper, and walked out to the mailbox to get yesterday's mail.  It didn't spook her even when I picked up the recycling bucket and brought it back to the house. Granted, I did move smoothly and fairly deliberately and didn't come any closer to her than necessary. But she never moved her feet the entire time I was outside.

I wish I had a video - babies running all over the yard, Mama standing like a rock.  There's probably a metaphor there.


hokgardner said...

Sounds like me and FeeBee on our run this morning. Two babies and their mama.

Shona Erlenborn said...

Are they from the Spring? Hope they are not new, new fawns. Looking at the roads lately around us, they better look before they cross!