Thursday, May 31, 2012

Loose Ends and Micro Cupcakes

1.  Rachel had a good time at the dance and a better time at the amusement park the next day.  I have seen one picture of her from the dance - she looks lovely and happy but you can't see the fantastic hair or the whole outfit.

2.  The Pampered Chef party was swell - the thing I was forgetting to do was take a shower after cleaning all day.  The consultant walked in, and I said, "Oh!" and abandoned her for 15 minutes to walk through the shower.  And the thing I was most worried about DID happen - I had so much hostess cash to spend that I really struggled with finding things to spend it on in the catalog.  I suppose there are worse problems.

3.  Still no picture of JC in his costume.  He had to skip the LARP event this month because it coincided with the Memorial Day parade.  If you are going to be in Marching Band, you have to march in the parade.  It was hot, though not as hot as last year.  The director didn't let them take off their jackets during the speeches, but he did let them march without their helmets.

4.  We had two snow days this week.  I suppose it would be more accurate to say that we had two days given back because we didn't use all our snow days this year, but it's more fun the other way.  William only got one - his school was closed for several extra days after the snowstorm in October because the power lines were down.  Yesterday, after he left for school, Rachel and JC and I (and a friend) went to New York City.  Mostly, we went to a Japanese bookstore with an excellent Manga selection (Rachel is a little obsessed).  But we also got lunch, of course, and found some tasty little cupcakes.  REALLY little cupcakes, they're barely a mouthful.  That means, of course, that you can have more than one, so you can try several varieties.  We got a dozen for the four of us, and simplified by ordering three kinds.  Yum.  But since they're smaller than mini cupcakes, I decided they were micro cupcakes.

5.  We also went up the Empire State Building because we were there and we had time.  Touristy, but really, you have to go.


Lisa C said...

You didn't say what kind of cupcakes you tried! No fair!

Ann in NJ said...

ok, ok, we had...
Cookie Dough
Chocolate Chip Pancake

They were all tasty, although the cinnamon was probably my favorite. The chocolate chip pancake was really sweet (or maybe that was the cookie dough). They are tiny - on the website, on the flavor page, they have a quarter for reference.