Wednesday, February 1, 2012

George the Cat?

Jill pointed out in the comments to my last post that it was "only a cat-sized space to a cat."  True enough.  Even worse, George is our cat with the heart of a dog.  Or something.  He does cat-like things, but he does dog-like things, too.  Just the other day, JC and I were in the dining room, and JC commented on how both cats were lying on the table in the sun.  George decided to streeeetch - and promptly fell off the edge of the table.  What cat does that?

Now, I'll admit that a dog won't usually jump up in your cabinets.

 And hopefully, you don't get the "copy cat" effect from your dog - but this behavior is because he likes to follow me around and be in the same room.  The printer is right next to my computer chair.  What cat follows their owner from room to room?

 Ok, this is pretty cat-like.  Find an open container (box, bag, suitcase, notebook, newspaper) and make yourself comfortable on it.  Especially if you're in the way.

But this?  George does this ALL THE TIME.  In the middle of the floor.  I've never had cats that let it all hang out like this except in the hottest of weather.  George does this year-round, in the middle of the floor where you are most likely to trip over him.

That's not a cat.  That's a small dog with pointy ears.  (That doesn't bark)


Shona Erlenborn said...

He looks so cozy Ann, up in your shelf! As for the dog pose - not so sure!!


Susan Z said...

We have a cat who liked to play fetch in her younger days. Of course now she is pretty cat-like. Then our other cat plays like cat but hangs out underfoot and loves to come be in the midst of chaos.

Lisa C said...

I had a cat that layed around like that a lot, same position. Don't think she does now, Mom has her. Of course this is the same cat that got called a dog one time by a friend because she'd greet people at the door and liked to wrestle.

Karina "Kyn" Güémez said...

xD I have a cat like George :), the cats sometimes are funny