Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post-Christmas Chaos

We have a dozen-plus teenagers in my house right now.  JC asked if he could invite all the members of the Role-Playing Games (RPG) club to our house for a Christmas party.

They're heeeeeere.....

I can't complain, really.  These are the same kids, current generation, that I hung out with when I was in high school.  (One of the girls is wearing knee-high boots with buckles all the way up the front and 4 inch platform heels.  At least, she came in with them on, there's a huge pile of shoes in my front hall.)  The dress is both different and the same (one of the boys has a knit hat COVERED with buttons (the kind with sayings.  I had a coat like than in high school)).  These are the gamer girls and geek boys that freak out parents and make teachers assume they are stoners.  For the record, I don't get that vibe from any of them.  They're actually pretty polite, and several of them have mentioned they think our house is awesome.  And they're including Rachel and tolerating William. 

There was a short period of time when William got out his Nerf guns that got a little chaotic, but now they have settled back into a role-playing game.  This is actually about the third or fourth game that has been played, and most of them have really arcane, complicated rules that seem to require arguing and evil laughs and such.  I'm sitting down in my craft room, "cleaning", but really eavesdropping and occasionally coming out to "check if you need more food".  It's a little noisy, but all good so far.  They inhaled a bag of potato chips in about 5 minutes, and I think we'll be picking up multiple pizzas later, but so far I have enough chips and cookies and such out that they seem to be happy.

I wish I had the nerve to take pictures and post them, but I don't think they'd say yes if I asked, and I'm not going to post without permission.

I may need a very very quiet day tomorrow to recover, though.

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