Thursday, October 27, 2011

Random Bits

1.  I said "yes" to too many volunteer "opportunities" this fall, which is why there's been so much silence on the blog.  Sorry!  I am ticking them off, one by one, and I'm down to the last two.  They are, unfortunately, also the biggest two, so posting may continue sporadically.

2.  Marching Band is over (basically).  There was supposed to be a competition this weekend - only 6 bands signed up for what should have been a regional.  It got cancelled, I guess it really wasn't feasible to sign up for something else at this point, so we're done!  JC has texted me three times today confirming that this afternoons' practice is actually cancelled - we do have two more football games, but no more practices.  Good thing - the weather has decided to go early November on us, and it's about 45-50 degrees and schmutzing rain.  Ick.

3.  I am really kind of hoping soccer gets cancelled for this weekend, too.  Forecast is for rain on Saturday morning - Rachel has an 8:30am game, so NOT having to sit in the cold at that time in the morning would be a really lovely thing.  William's game is at 2:45, so that's ok, except that they've lost twice in a row.  My morale is low.  Hopefully, his isn't. 

4.  My house is a pit.  On top of too much volunteering, I've been scrambling to make a print for a print exchange (send in 12 and get back 10, all different).  I'm almost done, but there is dirt in every corner and finding a clear place to do homework or eat is getting...challenging.  I'm hoping that no band and maybe no soccer will provide me with minions to help with the cleaning.  We'll see - they're pretty good about disappearing when they smell housecleaning.

5.  Even though my house is a pit, what I really want to do right now is curl up with a blanket and a cat and take a nap.  Rainy fall days are bad for me that way.  I have 45 minutes before I have to pick up JC.  Not sure what's going to win.

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Lisa C said...

Glad things are winding down for you, and hopefully you survive the last two commitments. Maybe they call it that for a reason!
I'd love to curl up with a blanket and knit. I don't nap well anymore, but finding time to knit and relax is an awesome thing.