Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's Alive!

Thursday, my computer died.  I had shut it down the night before, and starting up that morning it couldn't find the boot disc, did a couple of other strange things, then gave me the Blue Screen of Death.

Uh oh.

John, of course, was in Florida for business (where it happened to be significantly cooler than here, go figure).  We did a little diagnostic over the phone, and he agreed that the best solution was to order a new computer and he'd take a look at the old one when he got home.

I ordered the new computer online (local stores didn't have the configuration that we were looking for) and saved enough on taxes that I sprang for overnight shipping.  Goody!  New toy on Friday!

Not so much.  It didn't ship.  Should arrive Monday.

John got home today, and almost immediately started checking out the dead one.  Although I had told him on the phone that it didn't do ANYTHING, he was surprised that it really didn't do anything when you pushed the power button.  Really.  No fan, no nothing.  It was a brick.

That, it turned out, was the key.

Clever bear that he is, he replaced the power supply.  Voila!  It lives! (cue maniacal laughter and lightning flash).

So I didn't lose anything (back up your computer! Now!) AND I get a new, spiffy computer.  And the kids will get the old one, which will reduce bickering somewhat.  Of course, we are spending money on a new computer, which we hadn't really planned on.  And I just had to have the stove repaired and the Suburban needs new tires.  But ... I'm really excited about getting a new computer.


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