Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gosh, It's so QUIET Around Here!

It is very quiet around here right now. That's because all three (3) children are at sleep-away camp. No, really!

Yes, I sent my 7-yr old to sleep-away camp for a week. I'm getting two reactions. 1. Are you nuts??? and/or 2. Wow, what are you going to do all week by yourself????

I am feeling slightly nuts that I sent a 7-yr old who's never had a sleepover to camp. Although he has spent a couple of nights at the grandparents' (with his siblings, without parents at night), and when he was a toddler, spent a week at the other grandparents' house sans parents. Not that he remembers that. But he's not a hugely clingy child (mostly), and we've been working on independence in terms of showers and such. Bedtime may be the sticking point, but he's in a cabin with 9 other boys about his age, so there's a lot of thrill to that (but maybe not much sleeping). I'm feeling sorry for the counselors in his cabin, frankly.

As to what I'm going to do, well, I don't know. John is away on a business trip Monday and Tuesday, so I'll be REALLY on my own. Kind of looking forward to it, actually. Eat, sleep, everything totally on my schedule. Wow! And we're loosely planning on going into New York to do ... something. Eat good food, see a show, something.

Yes, of course I miss them. A little. Mostly I'm worrying that they're getting rain and thunder, although it's stopped raining here and there's actually SUNSHINE!!! But of course it's humid. Somehow I think they'll manage to have fun, regardless.

My biggest concern? It's a Quaker camp, so this morning they had a Quaker worship service. An hour, no sermon, no music, no talking. Unless you stand up and share something about your feelings or faith. I have NO IDEA how William sat without talking for an hour. I can't even begin to imagine him doing that, so I'm dying to know what happened.

7-yr old boys. An hour of silence. Really?


hokgardner said...

We visited friends last summer at their family-owned sleep-away camp (it's one of the "best" in Texas) and my 8-year-old decided she wanted to go to sleep-away camp. If we could find one that didn't cost more than our mortgage for a two-week session, we'd send her in a heart beat. As it is, she's having to make do with a cool day camp.

And I am so jealous of your alone time.

ooolia said...

I can't imagine it! Well, maybe a little bit. Last summer, M took both boys up to Whistler w/ his mom while I stayed and worked. I also managed to find time for a lot of fun.

Enjoy is while it lasts!

Becca said...

wow, I would like to know how that went. My son stays for 10 minutes of our meetings then goes to Sunday School, and thats about all he can do (but he's 4)

some of my best childhood memories are form summer camp, as a camper then leader

Jill in MA said...

I do have a hard time imagining William with an hour of silence... or even just sitting still for that long. The kid needs to *move*!