Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fatal Attraction

George (the cat) is irresistibly attracted to curling ribbon.

This is NOT a good thing.

I caught him trying to get an end loose from a spool of it last week. It was tightly wound, with the end tucked in, and he was still working hard at it. I always assumed it was the ends that he found enticing, just as cats will go after the moving end of any string.

No, it appears to be the ribbon itself. Which he eats. And then of course either throws up or poops out - until the day he eats too much and gets his insides all messed up. George, you have an itty bitty kitty brain. Not healthy.

Last night, he chewed through the ribbon on the balloon John got for his birthday. Not the free end, tied to the chair. The part between the balloon and the chair. Under tension. Again, no enticing free end, so, clearly, curling ribbon must become a controlled substance in our house, even more than it has been.

George is jonesing for his fix.


Becca said...

yeah I don't bring that stuff int eh house because if my cat doesn't eat it, my golden retriever does

Jill in MA said...

Nikita used to eat the ribbon, too. Then you get strings of poop. Not pretty. It certainly makes things interesting at Christmas and birthdays when you want to have packages with ribbons lying around....

Susan Z said...

Our itty bitty kitty brained one it is not so much string as life in general. He has run smack into door frames, fallen in the toilet, singed his whiskers on a candle, etc. And in about 8 years no one has ever handed him a table scrap and yet he continues to be hopeful. There is just not a lot there.

Lisa C said...

One of my cats was obsessed with paper clips. Of course she didn't eat them, she just would dig my work papers out of my bag, pull off the paper clips and leave them in her food dish. I have no idea why.
She's also the one that would eat thread when I started quilting. Even if it was on a spool. I made the mistake of pulling it out one day as she was eating from a spool and had a long ways to go. Don't do that if you can help it, I didn't know I could have injured her by pulling it back out.