Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Quarterly Update

I was debating whether to abandon this space, as the kids have introduced me to tumblr, and there's Facebook and Pinterest and so many places to express all sorts of things...

But, no. I'm back, for now at least.

It's been an interesting fall. We've had the adjustment to life with only two kids at home, which has been easier than expected except for the niggling worry, "is JC really ok? Is he really going to class and eating healthy and making friends and...." I'm pretty sure that's just my inner "Mom" voice that will be worried about my children for the rest of their lives.  I'm making peace with it.

We've gotten through marching band season. It went well, though I felt even more involved than previous years. I managed the band uniforms and chaperoned once and several new jobs, plus dealing with Rachel and the drama of colorguard (mostly not HER drama, but her dealing with the drama of the other members). And the colorguard uniforms were complicated this year (fantastic. But lots of laces). And the buttons popped off, so we got good at sewing on buttons, or did you know you can hold on a button with a safety pin if it has a shank and you have NO TIME to sew it on?

Soccer for William is over. They had practice Friday evenings, which was a pain in the patootie because, of course, band plays at the Friday night football games, so there was a lot of driving back and forth and compromising.

The big charity gala I help with is over, and went very well. Our only glitch was the online credit card acceptance wouldn't let us log in for some reason, but we managed to change the password and I ended up typing in credit card numbers on my phone. It worked well enough.

I have finished a scarf for JC. It matches the hat I made him over the summer. The stripes are a Fibonacci series (1,1,2,3,5,8... Next number is the sum of the previous 2). And I'm about to turn the heel on the socks I started in August. Knitting doesn't happen very fast if you don't sit down and do it. Picture later, the iPad and Blogger don't play together very well.

So I have a craft fair I'm running for the band parents in early December, and then, it's just family. Now that I'm down to one major volunteer commitment, it's a much less hectic time. But herein lies the trap for me - I'm much better organized when I have to be. Deadlines are my friend.

How about you?

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