Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Again

It is Friday again, but unlike last Friday, I am not frantically rushing to finish a to-do list. In fact, the only plan I have for today involves coffee with a friend, and getting William to soccer practice on time.

Last Friday:
1. Got the map put together for the vendor fair  - took less time then expected, but I also didn't get fancy and try to make a computer version.  Just made a list of table numbers and vendors, which was fine.

2. Got the cookie bars baked (they were yummy), but not the cupcakes.  That was ok because it turned out there were a couple of people who made cupcakes, which was plenty. Not everything sold, but I got to bring home my leftovers, which the kids appreciated.

3. Underarm gussets worked.  Yay!

4. Got 14 spell packets made by sewing 3 sides on the machine on a bigger piece of fabric, then cutting them apart. Then whenever I had 5 minutes, I filled and handsewed the 4th side. To explain it better, I'd have to draw you a picture.  Suffice to say, Rachel was appreciative - and the scrap of rainbow stripe fabric I used was a big hit.

5. Got William to soccer  bit late, but since we're almost always the first ones there, I feel no guilt. Rachel and JC didn't leave until after we got home anyway because the other girl they were giving a ride got home late from a school field trip.

6. Didn't try to meet with the janitors until Saturday morning, they got the cafeteria arranged in 20 minutes flat. Excellent.

I'm enjoying quiet week or two, but graduation is looming in about 7 weeks. Since the grandparents are coming, we are having a party, which means cleaning the house. Given the state its in right now, I think it might take all 7 weeks. Yikes!

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Jocelyn said...

Impressive list. I really don't think I could be you, as I'm not so organized, motivated, willing-to-see-it-through, or able to make stuff.

For the house cleaning? Maybe do one thing a day, but don't start for five more weeks. During those last two weeks before graduation, start dusting.