Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Zombie Invasion

I bought some weights the other day. Fairly lightweight (3lbs) with the intention of working on strengthening my wrists. I've been doing a yoga class at the gym and have discovered that my wrists are what gives out first (although I'll admit that it's a race between my wrists and my upper arms during downward dog). So William came home from school today and discovered the weights. "Mom, if we welded spikes on these, wouldn't they be awesome for fighting zombies? Hey, if you were running from the zombies, you could throw this through the sliding door and then you wouldn't have to stop to open it." There were a few more suggestions for zombie fighting with 3 lb. weights, and I admitted that none of these ideas had occurred to me. "You would totally want me around in case of a zombie invasion, Mom." Yes. Yes, I would.

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BermySwag said...

Lol this was funny to read
throw the weights at zombies, but it would get heavy, carrying around lots of weights, cause you would need quite a few xD