Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finally, some progress

The last few weeks of school were slightly crazier than usual this year, but we are finally in summer vacation mode - evidenced by the fact that I was able to sleep past 7 for the first time since school let out.  It always takes me a couple of days to reset the internal clock.

I have made some progress on the fish print.  Not as much as hoped - I started over with a new block, and did much better on registration this time.  But I still have one more layer of color to print.

Currently, the block looks like this:

Next, I will carve away everything I want to keep black, and then print with blue ink.  That's part of why it's been taking so long - I need to let the top layer of ink dry thoroughly or I don't get a pure color (see the yellow layer above).  Here's hoping I get good coverage!

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