Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is it Worth Waiting?

I keep putting off posting so I can download pictures, edit them, and then upload fantastic blog posts with pictures.

Um... not so much, yet.

JC threw up all night Friday night, to the point where John called the airline at 2am and booked both of them on a flight home in the morning.  JC actually pulled a chest muscle from vomiting.  They got home Saturday afternoon, not long before William's birthday party.  JC hid in his bedroom and slept.  John helped with the party, which went very well.  Six guests, all boys, lots of foil and ping pong balls, and a totally awesome cake (How To Train Your Dragon theme, pictures soon, I hope). 

Turns out our band missed semifinals by two places, and barely a point.  Given the competition, I'm so proud of them!  But since JC and 7 of his band mates spent Friday night puking, it may be just as well they didn't have to perform Saturday morning.  As you might expect, the adults took it harder than the kids, and apparently the kids had a great time at the mall and then the finals Saturday evening.

They have one last performance on Friday, since the football team won again.  I think that will be it for the season.  Hoping they don't freeze their fingers off.

I have committed to a booth at the band parents craft fair in early December.  Given how little I have to sell, I should be committed.

Pictures to follow...(eventually)

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