Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Thing After Another

Warning - There may be a bit of "woe is me" in this post.  Nothing serious, just accumulating.

The dryer has died.  I'm hoping John's right and it's just a belt, but he's diagnosing from work and I haven't dragged myself back down there to open it up and check.  We're in the middle of washing all of Rachel and William's clothes so they can pack for camp, and I was a bit behind on laundry from the weekend camping, so this is a serious crimp in our packing.

We're packing for camp.  Everything - EVERYTHING - needs to have their name on it.  Some things are labeled from last year, but the new underwear and socks we bought yesterday (to make it through 14 days of camp) are not, and they are in the washer (see above).  Along with most of the shorts they both own, which are a size larger than last year.  I'm starting to see an all-nighter with the laundry marker in my future, not helped by the fact that I am royally procrastinating this task.  Because I love it so much, you know!

We did get the brakes on the Suburban fixed.  Yay, credit cards?  Pile this expense on top of vacation bills and hopefully NOT new appliances.  Budget, smudget.  Actually, the real killer is the property tax bill due beginning of August.  We just LOVE New Jersey!

And there's a couple of other things going on, just adding a little joy stress to my day.

On the bright side?  JC is on the plane, winging his way to Houston and thence Newark, right now.  I can't wait to hear all about his adventures with Grandma.  Yes, we've talked on the phone -he's much more voluble in person.  Just keeping my fingers crossed that his connection is smooth.

All right.  Time to go dissect a dryer.


ooolia said...

oof. isn't that the way it always is?

Jill in MA said...

Ugh, sounds overwhelming. Did you get the dryer fixed? I once tried to use a fabric marker on a wet bathing suit. Won't do that again! Clothes must be dry first!! Good luck!!