Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Love NPR

I've been a mostly-avid NPR listener since I moved to NJ. It helps that one of the premier NPR stations - WNYC - is based in New York City and I'm within the broadcast area. But I also can usually get Philadelphia public radio as well.

I have become a news junkie. This was reinforced when my children were very small, and I didn't necessarily want them exposed to the images on TV, but I could listen to the radio. I developed the habit of listening to All Things Considered while I made dinner almost every night. I love the "comedy" shows like Car Talk.

But I think my favorite-est thing on public radio is Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. I find this weekly news quiz show just hysterical every week. I rarely catch it when it's broadcast, but through the magic of podcast, and Internet radio, I listen most weeks.

As I was preparing to listen online today, I noted a link at the bottom entitled "Knitter's Revenge." Mo Rocca had made a comment a few weeks ago about hand knit sweaters being "itchy". So, well, the knitting community just couldn't take that lying down...

You just don't find this sort of thing published on other networks, you know?


Susan Z said...

Wait, wait don't tell me is my favorite show and I hate to say it but I do use it as a news source and have actually recent come across several things where I heard it first there and then saw it later in our newspaper.
Someday I want Carl Kasell's voice on MY answering machine...

hokgardner said...

Wait, wait is my favorite show. And when I heard Mo's comment, I knew the knitters would have their revenge.

I've called in several times in the hopes of getting Karl's voice on my machine, but I've yet to be selected.

Lisa C said...

I just started listening to this off and on and was thinking about podcasting it for when I work. I have car talk and the environmental podcasts to name a few, that would be a fun one. Thanks for the info.